Bling is an acronym, and stands for ”Business Ladies of Industry Networking Group.” We chose the name BLING quite intentionally, and except for our cute logo, we have nothing to do with actual gemstones. We also thought the word “bling” added a certain feminine pizzazz to our dynamic group.

How we got started? Our vision began as a conversation in a local restaurant. Back in the fall of 2008 during a ‘Ladies Night Out,’ the idea of having women meet monthly to swap business cards and get to know the working women of Williamsburg was proposed. We passed around a piece of paper and everyone wrote down the names and emails of women they thought would be interested. A few weeks later Karen Schell hosted the first BLING event at Cooke’s Gardens near Christmas of 2008. Over the next few months, a group of women stepped up to help form the organization. Our founding members faithfully met and began to form BLING. Traci Carlson, DeAnna Kimrey, and Karen Schell built Business Ladies of Industry Networking Group Inc., aka BLING.

What we’re up to now. We have two monthly networking events, hundreds of names on our mailing list, and a web site. We’ve grown very quickly helping nonprofit organizations as well as the women of BLING!  We’re the most powerful resource available to women in Williamsburg and on the Peninsula who want to grow their businesses.  Among our interests is helping  support women and children in our communities.  We do this by giving monetary donations every quarter to an organization determined by our members.  In 2014 we have supported Beyond Boobs and American Pride Automotive Family Service Day.  Please come to one our our events that are open to women in business over the age of 21, without a membership fee.